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11.11.2002 15:20, MADMAO :
Hellas Timoe!!!!
alles klar bei Dir?
wollt nur mal wieder Dein Guestbook bomben


29.10.2002 18:18, Suzu E-mail Homepage :
Wow! Echt coole Page! Sogar ein Tutorial! Muss ich gleich mal ausprobieren. *lob*

26.10.2002 08:46, marii :
sehr geehrter du,
danke schön fürs helfen, ich laie werde immer besser und professioneller =). dahin ist es aber noch ein weiter beschwerlicher weg, aber ansätze sind dank deines tips da.
meine drei fragezeichen werkzeugspitzen machen sich hervorragend und werden nun immer mehr

es verbeugt sich erfuhrchtsvoll
die marii

17.10.2002 18:52, pixel E-mail Homepage :
Hi timo,

tolle site hast Du da mit netten atn´s - gefällt mir gut. Werde Dich auf jeden Fall verlinken !

Tschö pixel

16.10.2002 15:57, Joseph R. B. Taylor E-mail Homepage :
Cool site, and nice posts on the Adobe Studio.

16.10.2002 02:02, ThaNewMakaveli E-mail Homepage :
very awesome site... bookmarked it right away... the background music is so tight.... nice work

08.10.2002 05:07, freddie E-mail :
great stuff thanks...from Atlanta GA. USA

06.10.2002 22:22, Pax E-mail :
I love this site man.
I'm linking it to mine when I upload it.
Hit me up some times

07.09.2002 13:35, Sam O'Neill E-mail Homepage :
Nice Site!
If ony I could download the Jaguar Style.
The link on the Adobe Exchange doesn't work.
Has any body got it?
If you have could ou post it on my site's forum or email me it thanks!

02.09.2002 01:38, shaun E-mail :
YO, whut up Timo, remember me Angelas cousin outta cali. Just lookin at your website checkin to see what new is goin on. Ima be out there soon to rip up them mic's ya kno, keepin it real hiphop iz how we do. my demo cd is comin out hot some ill beats from my producer exel, keep it real and keep it cool, 1 luv, flip

20.08.2002 11:29, xxxxxx E-mail Homepage :
thank-you very much!
good luck!

19.08.2002 11:27, Florobs Teeb€€ E-mail :
Ein Prost auf Timo und Dank an diesen Mann, der Platz für mich auf seiner Website fand!

29.07.2002 15:05, Timo E-mail Homepage :
No i did not know this, unfortunately i am way to poor to buy the update from 6.01 to 7.0 so i am not really up to date *lol* but if i would not be so lazy and update the bookstore i probybly could get some bucks to get the update. Alos i tested some of Photoshop 7 @ a studio i took files to develope as print films i had some hours to play around with new 7.0 features, yeah, the filebrowser is wicked and the image repair tool, too but as i realized that they changed shortcuts and some brush related tools it made me think, oh no, not again learn the new shortcuts. ***that sucks!***
but if i find some bucks, i will either get me a g4 Mac or the 7.0 update havent decided yet,

more brushes and actions also some shapes will be up, too, also i am working out 30 production shortcuts but thats not easy cause i dont know what people need on their F - keys. well, if i have ps7 i will check out the scripting support an look what i can do. also i am woking @ some tutorial videos with english language on german ps interface.

so long timo

28.07.2002 14:08, him E-mail :
Hey! Thanks for the cool brushes and actions. Did you know photoshop7 now has a scripting plugin?^3@.ef7f2cb

I can't wait to see what you do with it.. :)

24.07.2002 17:27, Timo :
no, i am not chineese but my flat has lots of chineese furnitures puppets and other stuff, i love asiatic stuff so i used asiatic fonts! nevermind i got no clue what they mean!

yours timo

24.07.2002 11:52, easyman E-mail Homepage :
cool atns,i saw chineses on your web,r u from china?

ich komme aus china

21.07.2002 17:45, Florobs Teeb€€ / European Patr E-mail :
Grüß den Weißbärtigen, wenn Du ihn siehst !
Habe bald alles zusammen für die Page, Montag bekommst Du das Material!

20.07.2002 03:56, Touchstone E-mail Homepage :
Awesome site! Love the design and you do awesome artwork!! Keep up the fantastic and innovative work!

16.07.2002 14:21, FlorobsTeeb€€ E-mail :
Hallo Timo, melde Dich mal bei mir, ich bereite gerade etwas vor, was durchaus auch noch auf diese Site draufsollte!

15.07.2002 23:56, Florobs Teebee E-mail :
Hi Timo, die Website kommt richtig dick rüber ! Das Design ist sehr gelungen ! HOLD ON DOIN' THAT STUFF !
*Brothaz in / under Armz*

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Entries: 128
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