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05.07.2002 21:34, chad (call me- cre8tive_intros E-mail :
Dope.... thats it man.... TIMO i am heavily impressed by your actions, brushes, page design, and the battle concept. I am really up for the battle part... and or remixes/ creative collaboration... any one who sees this and wants to trow down, count me in... timo my image is on its way...

01.07.2002 14:59, Timo :
Well, chriss, i will soon fix this, when i update this section i will put a link to each site under it. Other people suggested this, too but i always forget this when i update.
yours timo

30.06.2002 17:09, Chriss E-mail Homepage :
Under "webdesign" would it be really great, if it were possible to se the picture in original size - Or maybe the whole design?

Luv Chriss

25.06.2002 11:04, Hywelbane Homepage :
It's hywelbane again! I just read the stuff about hip hop on your site. Im a hip hop performer. Check my site for more site is a weak site though! lol

25.06.2002 11:02, Hywelbane E-mail Homepage :
Hey! NICE STUFF! Love your brushes pal! And yeah, fukk the person who shytted with your car! lol. Plus chinese alphabets on your site look maaaaaaaad nice!

24.06.2002 18:16, Simon E-mail Homepage :
Yo tymoe!

sorry, mein pc is im arrrrsch!
wär cool wenn du viktor das ausrichten könntest! die reviews werden kommen! auf jeden fall! sofort wenn mein pc wieder funzt, sind aber masssive harddisc probs!

ich komm net weiter, werd aber dran arbeiten!


18.06.2002 21:18, pecz E-mail Homepage :
coole homepage!

03.06.2002 21:56, Felix E-mail Homepage :
Hi Timo,

hab mal wieder deine seite besucht, muss sagen, wird von mal zu mal besser. das design jetzt gefällt mir echt gut, phät!

bis dann & gruss


Page: < 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Entries: 128
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